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The greatest discovery is from the oldest wisdom. History proves that all breakthroughs are found by non-standard and unconventional methodologies ignored by all experts.

Thus, the name AIA is short for Alternative Investment Advisor. Our cutting edge “AI Financial Forecasting Solution” integrates advanced mathematical modeling and the world’s first and only AIA unique algorithm, which factors in “Future Parameters”, that makes our solution seemed a humanly-impossible breakthrough.

AIA Bull and Bear Indicator

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AIA Special Services

What presents would you like to prepare for the love ones on every festival? There’s no answer. While drinking the red wine, AIA’s Executor Alex remembered the reminders from Master CP again:Things are like waves, they will come one after another, and the human nature have a more obvious mood swings on some special days.

Suddenly, a light bulb went on in Alex’s brain. So how about the financial market? Why not gave it a try?

Alex gave up his vacation and called the research team to do a non-traditional quantitative statistics. And it turned out to be…

Oh ! My Goodness

We might find the answer : Jackpot !

Top 3 daily changes of the month
  1. Considerably high hit rate
  2. 100 trillion-to-8 chance to find the rule
  3. +20% rate of return ( if you are lucky )
  4. Please consider the risk before invest.
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  1. Any stock / index / ETF
  2. The longest forecas-ting time
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